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Candidate Experience | 2 minute read

Amazingly effective ways to build long-term relationships as a recruiter

March 3, 2016

The way a person feels about a company influences their decision to respond to a recruiter, apply for job or join a talent community. In today’s talent driven market, candidates are looking to connect with potential employers on a more meaningful way. So how can we as recruiters engage our target talent in a way that fulfills this need?

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Employer Brand

As a recruiter, it is essential to show the emotional connection of the employer brand as part of a comprehensive talent attraction strategy. Vividly describe the working environment by sharing pictures, videos, job postings and other candidate-related content. Help prospective candidates envision themselves working for the organization as an active contributor with common goals and shared values. As an example, if you want to attract talent that cares deeply about the community, you want to make sure you showcase how the company supports corporate social responsibilities. If it’s the right environment, the candidate will develop an affinity toward the company and be more inclined to take the next steps in the recruitment process or share the information with another person they think would love the job.     

Purposeful Dialogue

In recruitment, the human element must remain at the center of all you do from initial contact to onboarding. It’s important to be personable, approachable, accessible and honest. Every time you interact with a candidate you represent the employer brand. Since relationships are built on trust, you must engage candidates through purposeful dialogue that is clear, consistent and frequent. 

As a best practice, encourage prospective candidates to join the talent community if one is established. As a member, candidates are able to stay connected with the organization and receive updates and information that is valuable to them. Talent community members are also able to engage the company in equal measure by sharing updates on their professional interests. This level of openness and communication provides an opportunity to nurture long-term relationships with passive candidates while efficiently converting active job seekers to quality applicants.

Feelings matter in recruitment. The intuitive recruiters that are able to make personal and emotional connections with candidates will ultimately be successful in this competitive talent market. The key is to elevate the employer brand and use it effectively to communicate the company’s purpose, mission and values. Meaningful and open communication is equally important as you build trust and credibility. The human element needs to remain that the center of everything we do as a recruiters.


About Gillisa Pope

Gillisa Pope is a senior member of WilsonHCG’s innovation team. As director of sourcing strategy, she melds creative ideas, analytics and best practices to design and action impactful sourcing solutions. An expert in employment branding, Gillisa is also part of the team that produces WilsonHCG’s award-winning annual Fortune 500 employment brand report. She has over 15 years of experience in designing and building talent attraction strategies for some of the world’s most admired brands.