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Video: Cultural synergies

Kim Pope, COO of WilsonHCG, shares the secret to help internal culture thrive to excel business growth.

Video transcript

[TITLE CARD] Culture synergy

KIM: Clients buy from us because when they meet us and they come meet our people, there's a lot of cultural synergies typically and we just have that kind of empowerment, that pure ownership culture that really has grown throughout our organization globally. And that is something that organizations need to really grow and drive change in how they make decisions, in what RPO provider that they typically partner with. So, for us, it's really sitting down and spending time face-to-face. It's understanding the stories and the past history and all of those case studies that you've gone through and what you've learned through it and how to determine really who you partner with and how you align the team and you grow with them.