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Video: Customized talent acquisition solutions

Kim Pope, COO at WilsonHCG, talks about the flexibility of our service offerings for clients. WilsonHCG's goal is to answer, what is it our client really needs?

Video transcript

[TITLE CARD] Customized solutions
KIM: Really what our goal is is to sit down with a client and listen to, what is it that they need? How are we going to really help them become a better talent acquisition function and be more proactive? And then design a solution that will really grow and evolve with them. So our teams are highly configurable based on where they are, you know, in their lifecycle of talent acquisition. And so the teams can be either onsite or offsite. The models vary based on the type of roles and processes that we're taking on for our clients and language capabilities. All of those factors go into designing something that fits a client and what they need.