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New work from anywhere policies are reshaping travel trends in 2022

September 30, 2022

Imagine spending most of your morning in meetings with your co-workers but instead of having to go into the office, you’re sitting on the balcony of an Airbnb in Rome. During your lunch break, you opt out of cooking and look for a restaurant where you can immerse yourself in the local cuisine. Then, you finish a few more tasks that were on your to-do list, log off at 5:00 PM, and spend your evening visiting the Colosseum, Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. Dreamlike? Not quite. Thanks to new work from anywhere policies, this could become an everyday reality!

More companies are implementing flexible remote working policies, including work from anywhere and global mobility programs. This means that your dreams of traveling while working full-time are not only possible but feasible! As long as you have a stable internet connection and a laptop, you can take your home office anywhere in the world – whether that be a different city, state, country or continent. 

If companies want to attract and retain top talent, they will need to modernize their approach to remote work. One way they can do this is by embracing the new work from anywhere travel trend.
Remote work will revolutionize the travel industry

For the first time, millions of people can live and work from wherever they want. This modern approach to remote work will revolutionize travel. In fact, an article by Airbnb earlier this year sums it up perfectly.  

  • Long-term stays will become more common as people continue to spread out to thousands of cities and towns. 
  • More people will start incorporating travel into their everyday life, whether it be living abroad, traveling for the summer, or giving up their leases and becoming digital nomads. 
  • Cities and countries will change their visa and tax rules to be more accommodating to remote workers, leading to a redistribution of where people live and travel.  

With these predictions in mind, it’s no surprise that 100,000 towns and cities around the world had an Airbnb booking during the pandemic despite travel restrictions. And now that restrictions have been lifted in most countries, there will likely be a resurgence in travel! This is true for the latter half of 2022 and for many more years to come. 

Employee spotlight: Brittany Inman, recruitment consultant and digital nomad

When Brittany Inman was looking for a new job, keeping her nomadic lifestyle was a must. Seven months later, she couldn’t be happier with her decision to join WilsonHCG. Thanks to our flexible work environment, Brittany can easily balance working full-time with her travels. All she has to do is make sure she stays on top of her tasks, communicates with her team which time zone she’ll be working in, and has a reliable internet connection. Her favorite part? She is granted a level of trust and autonomy that allows her to perform at her highest potential without compromising what matters most to her. 

Brittany bought a travel trailer two months before the COVID-19 pandemic and has been traveling around the US with her fiancé and dog ever since. While the destinations she could visit were limited in the beginning until parks and campgrounds started accepting reservations again, she didn’t let that hold her back. So far, she’s visited Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming, with plans to explore the East Coast next year. 

“Honestly, I wish I would’ve bought a travel trailer sooner!  There's a lot of freedom and peace of mind in knowing I’m putting money toward something I’ll own, even with the many DIY things I’ve had to learn along the way.”

Here are some of Brittany's favorite things about traveling:  

  • Freedom to go wherever you want as long as there’s a road you can drive on 
  • The opportunity to explore new places without needing to take time off from work 
  • Meeting interesting people and families who have the same nomadic lifestyle as you
  • Immersing yourself in all of the different US subcultures 
  • Customizing your travel trailer so that it still feels like home 
  • Saving money that would have otherwise been spent on rent 

As fulfilling as the experience has been so far, Brittany mentioned the importance of doing your research and planning ahead, especially when it comes to internet connection, trailer maintenance and park reservations.  

Resized Brittany Inman Travel Photo Collage

WilsonHCG perks: Encouraging our employees to grow, learn and explore

WilsonHCG promotes a healthy and flexible work environment built on hard work, mutual accountability, and trust. Employees are encouraged to constantly grow, learn and explore -- and experiencing different locations and cultures is a great way to do that!  

That’s why the perks at WilsonHCG are designed to make combining work and travel easier than ever before: 

Work from Anywhere program 

Our Work from Anywhere program allows employees to work abroad remotely for up to 90 days per year. While there are some parameters in place so that we remain compliant with local and foreign laws, tax codes, and client obligations, our employees are given a lot of freedom when it comes to deciding when and where they want to travel. 

Remote work environment 

Our remote work environment makes it easy to work and travel at the same time, especially for employees who are interested in traveling within the same country or province of residence. As long as our employees log in on time, stay on top of their tasks, and have a reliable internet connection, then there’s no reason to choose work or travel. Employees can choose both! 

Unlimited PTO program 

Our unlimited PTO program gives employees the freedom to take as much time off as they want. It is one of our top-rated perks and is great for employees who would prefer to keep work and travel separate. This ensures our employees have time to immerse themselves in a new culture and explore the destination they’re visiting without having to worry about their everyday responsibilities. 

Global assignments 

Occasionally, there are also opportunities for current employees to take on short-term global assignments for clients that need immediate scalability or implementation partners. For example, back in 2018, Kyle Chesnut, talent community manager at WilsonHCG, relocated to Amsterdam for three months to help one of our clients that needed support on an expansion project in Europe. Global assignments were paused during the pandemic but have since relaunched in 2022.  

Work or travel? Why not choose both?
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