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[INFOGRAPHIC] University Recruitment – Gen Z is Taking Control of Their Careers

Sep 19, 2017
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Organizations today are seeking to evolve their talent strategies in order to meet the needs of the younger, growing workforce. In fact, by 2020, 18-35 year-olds will make up 50 percent of the workforceTo attract the best young talent, university recruitment is stepping further into the spotlight; not just for open roles but for companies seeking to proactively stock their talent pipelines with candidates who are driven, willing to develop/grow and be innovative in their thinking.

The foundation of university recruitment is, first, understanding the short- and long-term goals of Gen Z, meeting them where they are most available, and communicating what you have to offer in a way that sets your organization apart from the white noise. In the following infographic, find answers to these questions as well as additional, definitive research around effectively building and honing your university recruitment strategy.



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