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2018 Fortune 500 Top 100 Employment Brands

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Employment Branding in 2018 – Moving Beyond "Transparency"

The Fortune 500 companies that have moved from preaching to operationalizing employer brand strategy in a way that resonates with the bottom line have risen to the top of WilsonHCG’s 2018 Top 100 Fortune 500 Employment Brands report. In fact, WilsonHCG's top 10 Fortune 500 employer brands earn a combined 157 percent more in revenue than the bottom 10.

Based on tens of thousands of data points, WilsonHCG’s fourth annual report also reveals:                    

  • The top 100 Fortune 500 employment brands – including biggest leapers, consecutive leaders, and exclusive analysis of the Global Fortune 500 Top 25
  • The significant leap in brand competitiveness in 2018 (the top 50 are separated by just 14 points)
  • Industry-specific insight into the employment branding nuances of each sector
  • In one category, why the top 100 scored 805 percent better than the bottom 100; what this represents for the current state of employment branding

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