Organizational Culture


The elements that go into our core values and culture — what we call our WilsonHCG DNA — are what set us apart from the competition.  Simply put, we value our employees and their ideas. The environment we create is one where employees don’t just work for WilsonHCG: They’re hands-on contributors, fostering a company culture that makes them proud. Everyone on the team is encouraged to share thoughts and opinions to move us forward as a company. This dynamic, combined with a flexible work environment and the opportunity for career growth, breeds innovation.

Our DNA pillars are: 

  • Collaboration: We have a common purpose and goal
  • Ownership: We take responsibility and add value to every interaction
  • Integrity: We do what is right — not what is easy
  • Communication: We interact openly and effectively, and don’t make assumptions
  • Passion: We love what we do and strive to make a difference

Momentum fueled by talent™

“Momentum Fueled By Talent™” is more than our internal motto. It’s our philosophy and commitment to enhancing the lives of our employees.


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