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WilsonHCG CEO and Founder, John Wilson, Shares Thought Leadership in HRO Today's "Contingent Connection" Feature

March 27, 2018

March 2018

"Organizations are increasingly turning to social media as a way to attract contract workers," says HRO Today Associate Editor, Marta Chmielowicz. In this March 2018 feature, Contingent Connection, Marta explores the Gig Economy's "massive spike" and why employment branding plays an important role in attracting and even retaining temporary talent. The HRO Today article features WilsonHCG CEO, John Wilson, who expands the contingent talent-employment brand conversation by discussing the state of "trust" between candidates, employees and the employer, as well as the importance of presenting contingent professionals with the opportunity for growth. 

John Wilson in HRO Today's Contingent Connection Feature: 
Cost savings of retaining contingent talent:
"As it pertains to bottom-line impact, employment brand’s value is magnified when it comes to the contract workforce. If an organization is more attractive to the contractor, the cost and time of recruiting shrinks exponentially. This value multiplies even further when organizations dip back into the same talent pool or re-up with the same candidates."
Telling employees' stories: 
"Trust in companies is at an all-time low – as is trust in brands and leadership – and people want to know from their peers what it’s like to be part of a given company. Social media provides a platform to get a real and authentic peek behind the curtain and see whether the life inside is genuinely aligned with the mission and vision."
The need to demonstrate growth opportunities:
"For top-quality contract workers, in addition to compensation which will always be a driving factor, the ability to learn and progress is at the top of the ‘employer of choice’ list. Contract workers are seeking to advance their careers, whether by gaining another contract, building their resume and network, or skillset increases."
Access the full article here for additional insight from John and other executive leaders. 

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