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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity & inclusion in recruitment

Why is it essential?

A proactive recruitment strategy has many aspects that work together to deliver top talent to an organization. Diversity recruitment strategies are vital, because companies can experience the benefits of a diverse workforce by harnessing their employees’ range of knowledge and interests. Diverse employees will infuse innovation through a variety of insights and perspectives and foster a progressive business.

L&D is evolving faster

Organizations are being forced to rethink the way in which they manage the careers of their people, and challenged to rapidly revolve learning and development (L&D) opportunities. Conversely, today’s professionals – recognizing the need to stay “up” with technological advances and skill-sets for the sake of their careers – are demanding L&D opportunities when determining whether to join or stay with a company.


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It's easy to have a page on your company website devoted to diversity and inclusion initiatives, but what good are these without commitment from your employees? Diverse thinking is a necessary ingredient for a company to remain innovative.

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What goes into creating a diverse recruitment strategy?

Dedicated team

Creating a dedicated team of recruiters to focus on diversity recruitment will ensure that your initiatives stay progressive in your overall talent acquisition process. Recruitment teams that encourage workplace inclusion, rather than focusing on hiring diverse talent are more effective in achieving diversity goals. Encourage recruiters to connect with diversity organizations and dedicate projects both internally and externally to strengthening diversity and inclusion initiatives. Networking with thought leaders regularly will create integral partnerships and increase the diversity in your company’s talent communities. Track all efforts and the results these initiatives produce to ensure any internal diversity goals are being met.

Internal trainings

Encourage the recruiters you’ve identified to be subject matter experts on diversity recruitment to build out and conduct trainings with other talent acquisition employees. They are passionate about the initiatives and can express the importance of them to the company’s mission. These trainings should include best practices for effective diversity recruitment, but also regularly review new partnerships and initiatives, as well as current laws and regulations. In addition to recruitment trainings, dedicated members should also incorporate inclusion trainings to ensure they’re not only hiring the right talent, but guaranteeing an atmosphere that fosters growth and retention.

Brand ambassadors

To expand your diversity recruitment reach, utilize brand ambassadors as a way to promote thought leadership externally. Diversity brand ambassadors can be “spokespeople” by pushing out relevant content on diversity recruiting and inclusion topics and engaging in conversation with thought leaders. Blogging can also be a way to expand your exposure to the industry, endorse your expertise in the subject and provide valuable suggestions related to diversity and inclusion recruitment, hiring and diversity management.

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