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公司简介/全球实力/欧洲、中东和非洲 (EMEA)




为了成功吸引、招聘并留住优秀人才,您需要一位真正了解您的业务以及每个国家和更广泛地区的文化、社会政治和业务差异的合作伙伴。我们的专家遍布欧洲、中东和非洲,可以帮助您了解细微差别并确保您保持合规,同时通过人才招聘推动业务成果的实现。公司在曼彻斯特、英国、克拉科夫、波兰和布加勒斯特、罗马尼亚设有办事处,并且拥有一支规模庞大的 EMEA 远程员工队伍,这些招聘专家团队将为您找到推动业务发展所需的人才。


英国曼彻斯特 英国,曼彻斯特,M2 5NT 蒙特街 10-12莱斯康,6 楼
波兰克拉科夫 Orange Office Park Klimeckiego 1波兰 30-705(电话)+48 12 88 111 32
罗马尼亚布加勒斯特 8-10 Tudor Arghezi Street 第 2 区Unimed Building, Gallery level,办公室 2
In Summary

One of the reasons why more organizations in Europe are turning to RPO partnerships is the need to scale the workforce in an unpredictable environment. That’s the view of Craig Sweeney, SVP, Global Strategic Talent Solutions at WilsonHCG, who, in an exclusive interview with the RPOA, shared his insights on the state of RPO and talent in EMEA.  "RPOs can provide much-needed scalability that can flex at short notice to support business needs as and when they arise. And technology to support talent acquisition is increasingly complex and requires dedicated expertise to...

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Manchester, UK – Global talent leader WilsonHCG has been shortlisted as a finalist in multiple categories at the 2021 TIARA Talent Solutions Awards Europe.   WilsonHCG was named a finalist in two categories: Best Talent Solutions Firm to Work For and  Long-Term Partnership, Enterprise.   “Our teams go above and beyond to provide cutting-edge talent solutions for our clients and being recognised as a finalist for our partnership is a testament to the strong relationships they work to build every day,” said Lesley Taylor, SVP, Talent Operations, EMEA at WilsonHCG. “As...

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RPO is growing in popularity in Europe for a number of reasons, according to Craig Sweeney, SVP Global Strategic Talent Solutions, WilsonHCG.He made the comments during an interview with journalists from Intelligence Group about the state of RPO in Europe.“I think one of the growing areas across Europe is internal teams using RPO as strategic partners. Organizations build an internal function that can manage fifty percent of what they see as business as usual, and then they bring in a partner for the rest. Across Europe, we’re seeing this happen much more often. This...

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