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Employment branding: A business imperative

Employment Branding Cheat Sheet

We’re all aware of the advancing technologies and shifting corporate trends, and with this evolution brings more transparency making your company a glass house to candidates. Increased transparency, however, can make building your employment brand feel like a daunting task. By not providing consistent, engaging and honest views into your company’s culture and workplace you run the risk of turning talent away before you can even engage them.

With a strong and established employment branding strategy and a vibrant company culture you're able to attract top talent with a greater success of hire. Tackling employment branding doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Begin by breaking down the six categories as the foundation for your employer branding strategy:


Next, you can thoughtfully approach the plan for execution of your employment brand strategy. Make sure you prioritize! It’s not possible to accomplish everything all at once. Identify the most critical areas of improvement making sure to consider resource and budget requirements. These are imperative to your success. Then, look for the lowest cost highest impact ROI area(s) to tackle first. Understanding how you can build upon each progressive improvement will yield maximum results more efficiently and effectively.

Employer-brand-categories.pngWe found that within our 2017 Employment Branding Report, organizations in the Top 100 performed significantly better in all categories as compared to those organizations ranked in the Bottom 100. This affirms that having a proactive employment branding strategy is a clear differentiator.

Lastly, remember that your customers can often become your candidates – and vice-versa. Therefore the impact of your strategy isn’t lost on anyone:

  • 75% Of candidates conduct their own research during the job search, a trend that’s held steady for the past few years. Talent Board 2016 CandE Research Data
  • Company career sites are still the most important aspect when researching career opportunities for 57% of candidates. Talent Board 2016 CandE Research Data

The melding of corporate brand and employment brand isn’t a new concept however it does require an approach with equal intention and attention to both. Although independent from one another the two brands must look and feel cohesive. The clear relationship allows candidates that know your brand the feeling that they also know your company culture. 

Candidates and employees today want a connection with their brand, not only their company's product or job. People will come for your brand, convert for your job postings but stay for your culture! You can drive this brand connection and show your real employment brand through your recruitment marketing:


Interested in learning more about your employment brand ranking so that you can be among the top performers?