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Recruiting Veterans for Civilian Jobs

Veteran recruitment strategies

A proactive recruitment strategy has many aspects that work together to deliver top talent to an organization. Diversity recruitment strategies are vital, because companies can experience the benefits of a diverse workforce by harnessing their employees’ range of knowledge and interests. Diverse employees will infuse innovation through a variety of insights and perspectives and foster a progressive business.

Why is it essential?


L&D is evolving faster

Organizations are being forced to rethink the way in which they manage the careers of their people, and challenged to rapidly revolve learning and development (L&D) opportunities. Conversely, today’s professionals – recognizing the need to stay “up” with technological advances and skill-sets for the sake of their careers – are demanding L&D opportunities when determining whether to join or stay with a company.


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Will L&D evolve fast enough?

The world is getting smaller and as a result, L&D structure has had to evolve. Luckily, the number of platforms available are a mix of technology and in-person solutions. Many companies rely on a learning management system (LMS) to offer standardized, on-demand training to global employees inclusive of all time zones and languages. 

Rising Expectations

While a strong LMS is important, expectations for L&D programs are at an all-time high. Employees see these as opportunities to up-skill and improve their soft skills, but also to help them develop professionally now and for the long term.

Companies that engage with an L&D expert are able to create and mobilize trainings faster than ever. Offering multiple types of training programs and paths are essential to staying ahead of the competitor.

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