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Veteran recruitment

Veterans gain impressive skillsets during their service but translating the experience they have in civilian terms isn’t always easy. At WilsonHCG, we participate in multiple hiring programs to bring the best military talent to our workforce and to our clients.

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How does WilsonHCG hire retired veterans?

WilsonHCG is committed to supporting veterans through both our internal career program WilsonHEROES and participation in the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship program. WilsonHEROES aims to prepare veterans for success through one-on-one mentorship, community outreach and career planning and preparation. We also have an employee belonging group that meets regularly to attend virtual career fairs for veterans and maintain contact with military support organizations to drive veteran hiring initiatives for ourselves and our clients.
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Helping you hire veterans

With our total talent approach, WilsonHCG’s experts develop holistic strategies for successful veteran hiring. Our talent acquisition experts create customized veteran recruitment programs, which include the creation of optimized job descriptions for military-friendly job boards, universities and much more. The programs are designed to attract veterans to your company while ensuring they have successful career paths.
Our team's unrivaled experience and access to cutting-edge talent acquisition technology and analytics will drive profitable, diverse talent acquisition success with veteran hiring. It will also ensure your talent pool expands to include candidates with military backgrounds.
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Benefits & Rewards

Internal department Our internal function dedicated to bringing visibility and awareness to veteran recruitment for our company and clients.
Employee belonging group This EBG is for veterans and military families to discuss their experiences and effect positive change in the community.

Veteran recruitment FAQs

In Summary

Marrying someone in the military means moving – a lot –and putting off plans to “settle down.” Sound familiar? Many spouses find it difficult to keep long-term positions as a result. Fortunately, virtual roles have become commonplace and are a viable option for spouses looking for careers.

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A college professor once explained to me that millennials (and yes I am a millennial!), would change not just jobs, but entire careers an estimated seven times in a lifetime. When he made that comment, it seemed like a formidable number. However, I’ve stayed in touch with my classmates over the years and I’ve seen the shifts taking place from various industries and careers. Yet, I’ve remained baffled at how many of us in the civilian world have the freedom to change our minds all the while building our resumes, when our colleagues who have served in the military...

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We're excited to welcome two veterans who graduated from our Hiring our Heroes Fellowship program to the WilsonHCG team. Meet Jesse Hinnant and Shawn Daniel, who have accepted full-time, permanent roles after graduating from the program earlier this year. The fellowship is a 12-week, best-in-class workforce development program that links veterans, military spouses and transitioning military members with employers that are committed to hiring top talent. We're grateful to have Jesse and Shawn join the team as they transition out of military life and bring their many...

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After spending more than a decade traveling the US due to my husband’s Air Force career, I’ve become an advocate for veterans. For many years, I found that most employers were hesitant to hire veterans simply because they didn’t understand how to translate the experience they have in civilian terms. Although things are better than they used to be, I still feel we have room for improvement in helping veterans transition into the civilian workforce and educating our employers about the experience and skills veteran candidates can bring to their companies. The common...

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