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Healthcare recruitment solutions

Need to increase clinician-to-patient ratios to improve patient care?

We can help you find diverse, higher-quality talent at speed and scale. Our healthcare recruiting consultants will:
  • Accelerate time-to-hire to ensure continuity in patient care
  • Decrease agency spend and hire higher-quality talent by using extensive talent pipelines and talent intelligence to source permanent employees instead of travel nurses
  • Improve the candidate and hiring manager experience with comprehensive engagement strategies
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Improving patient care through talent

We'll ensure you have the right people, processes, technology and labor market intelligence in place to recruit diverse, higher-quality healthcare talent to improve patient outcomes. You won't need to rely on agencies.

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Improving patient care while reducing agency spend

A market-leading healthcare provider urgently needed to hire more nurses.

The challenge

The healthcare provider had six facilities within an eight-mile radius and each was competing for the same talent. It didn’t have the bandwidth in-house and was reliant on agencies to fulfil its hiring needs.

The solution

We partnered with the company to provide strategic healthcare talent acquisition solutions to help reduce its reliance (and spend) on agencies and travel nurses, while ensuring it had access to the talent it needed to care for its patients.

The dedicated healthcare team helped to:

  • Save the healthcare provider $8.5m in agency fees
  • Reduce time-to-hire by 83%
  • Increase the offers accepted by 1,240%
This partnership saved the EMEA talent acquisition team’s life during launch and I will not forget that.
Regional Head of Talent Access EMEA
The team operates with the spirit of partnership. Thank you for striving to be great partners!
Global Head of TA Strategy and Shared Capabilities
Working with the WilsonHCG sourcing team has benefited my time to focus on strategic conversations with my leaders during our rounding session.
TA Leader
I have engaged with these folks on the front and back-end of our workflows to deliver a best-in-class solution for our hiring leaders and candidate pools.
TA Leader

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We can help you improve patient outcomes

Discover how our healthcare talent acquisition solutions can transform your hiring process and improve patient care.