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Employer Branding Consultation

Evaluate and improve your employer brand

Always end up a 'close second' in the race for talent? Are your best people leaving without an obvious reason why? We've identified a clear correlation between the above and an employer brand that would benefit from optimization.

Our team have spent time evaluating thousands of employer brands across all industries. We can evaluate your employer brand and provide actionable feedback to help you transform it.

We can help:
  • Assess your employer brand through our tried-and-tested scorecard
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses versus your main competitors
  • Present key findings and action areas to stakeholders at your company
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Why is employer branding important?

candidate in magnifying glass
Widens talent pool Fostering inclusivity opens your talent pool for viable candidates to feel welcome to apply
Differentiates from competitors Brand messaging and storytelling presents opportunities for you to showcase what makes your organization stand out
Enhances candidate experience A well-rounded employment brand is a critical element to the beginning stages of a candidate’s experience with any company
Reduces time to hire Curating messaging to qualified candidates that align with your core values and beliefs makes it quicker and easier to attract talent
Increases retention A solid company employment brand ensures employees focus on great missions and beliefs that are personally fulfilling to them

What do we look at?

We follow a tried and tested process to identify strengths and areas of improvement in the following key areas, providing a score out of 100.
Recruitment Marketing
  • Your employment brand message
  • Use of communication channels such as blogs and social media
  • How you present company values and demonstrate your employee value proposition
Employee Reviews
  • Information on review sites such as Glassdoor or Indeed
  • Engagement around culture ratings, compensation and more
  • Ratings on CareerBliss and Comparably
Job Advertising
  • How you use promotional channels to attract talent
  • The overall visibility of your job postings for candidates
  • How you balance job sites and social media platforms
Career Pages
  • The user experience of your career site
  • Presence of a talent community
  • Information around the application, interview and onboarding process
  • Prominence of awards on company site
  • Spotlighting of company accomplishments
  • Commitment towards ongoing excellence
Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Social accountability towards stakeholders and the public
  • Give-back programs, initiatives and community involvement

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Abbott Laboratories top rankings of Fortune 100 employer brands

Abbott lead the way in employer branding

With a total score of 79 out of 100, Abbott Laboratories took the top spot in our recent evaluation of the Fortune 100's employer brands.

The medical device and healthcare company excels in the foundational elements, like an easily navigable and mobile-optimized career page. It also demonstrates a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) by having accessibility settings on its website (only 10% of the Fortune 100 do!)
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2023 Employment Branding Report

It's now more important than ever for talent leaders to modernize their employment branding strategy.

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