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Talent acquisition career path testimony: What led you to recruitment?

January 27, 2021

As a global internal recruitment consultant, I speak with recruiters and talent acquisition professionals about opportunities at WilsonHCG. One question I enjoy asking: “Why did you choose a career in recruitment?”

The most frequent response? “I fell in to it.” Interestingly, few people set out for a career in talent acquisition; many join because of an opportunity, then stick with it as a result of progression opportunities.

I am an anomaly! I knew after a week that talent acquisition was my calling and worked hard to grow into this industry. But why a career in recruitment, you ask? 

Is recruiting a good career?

Helping people find careers is fulfilling work and has purpose that will keep you motivated. There are also opportunities to progress since recruitment is ever-evolving. You'll always be learning something new – and your successes compound and result in more compensation and more rewards. It can be hard work, but if you like being challenged, there are almost no limits to what you can achieve. 

College students, fresh graduates and anyone seeking to make a career change should consider a career in recruitment. Here are four reasons why this industry is right for me (complete with testimonies from my brilliant colleagues):

1. Personally and professionally rewarding

Working in recruitment brings unique fulfillment. As a recruiter, you spend your days connecting candidates with opportunities than can benefit their personal and professional lives. You build relationships with candidates and hiring managers, many of which will stick throughout your career! Further, recruitment is a results-driven industry where you are rewarded for your achievements. Businesses grow, evolve and disrupt because of the talent you provide!

Libby Herrmann, Vice President of Client Solutions:
“Recruitment is a fundamental way to contribute to the success and core business support we provide every day. Further, it allows for tremendous career and earning potential to provide for our families. Aside from the tangibles, there is the intrinsic satisfaction of helping others and nurturing their career advancement aspirations.”







Angela Leeds, Recruitment Consultant:

“I go to work motivated  every day  that I get to be a part of helping others pursue their career dreams and aspirations. And with that comes a lot of fulfillment! Recruitment has an equal amount of challenges as it does victories to celebrate! I stay motivated by continuing to learn new and innovative sourcing strategies all the time and always keeping the perspective that I am proudly supporting my clients needs and helping others pursue opportunity.”


2. Daily variety

No two days are the same; every role you recruit for is different and every client is unique. Since joining the industry in 2012, the biggest thing I’ve learned is that you need to be flexible in your approach to each task, role and project. Some people can’t thrive in this environment, while others cherish it. If you’re a wearer of multiple hats, appreciate variety and love to build relationships with an array of personalities across all levels, a career in recruitment might be for you too.  

Erin Seals, Recruiting Manager:
"I was that kid who rearranged her bedroom furniture regularly and tried a million different hobbies. I probably have an addiction to change; those habits haven't changed much as an adult. I’m bored fairly easily so the ever-changing world of recruitment keeps me sharp and on my toes. I learn about new industries, career paths and people. We turn around a project quickly and pivot to the next. Recruitment is ever-evolving so I’ll never 'arrive.' I’m learning - each and every day. Every day includes research, hunting, writing, talking and much of it is listening. It’s never a dull moment, and I’m energized by the variety of daily tasks."


3. Fast-paced and challenging

New challenges arrive daily in this business. The recruitment industry is ever-evolving – meaning recruiters must constantly evolve with the landscape to serve our clients in a unique way (by differentiating from their hiring competition). The keys to being successful are taking on each challenge with a solution-oriented approach, staying up-to-date on market trends and relentlessly attacking new technological capabilities, including implementing tools that automate certain responsibilities, increase efficiency and enable us to focus on the vital consulting and relationship-building components. 

Frankie Perez, Senior Account Director:

“There’s something really fulfilling about a constantly evolving industry like recruiting. As a problem solver, finding solutions to common problems keeps me feeling motivated and determined to help in new ways. This creates an environment where I am constantly evolving the way I do things, so the excitement to learn is always present to overcome emerging challenges. The best part is never feeling like you’ve settled into a prescriptive way of doing things, while having the ability to influence change.”


4. Endless development opportunities

Recruitment is a growing industry, one that offers committed personalities a large amount of learning and development (L&D) and career progression. Although the challenges are plentiful, recruiters are also equipped – on a daily basis – with the opportunity to learn how to overcome. Knowledge is power! The more you learn and apply, the more you will progress. The more you stretch and

find ways to inform and consult your hiring managers, the more credibility you will develop. 

Amy Brookshire, Account Director:
"I started with WilsonHCG in May of 2015. Coming from an agency, this was my first stint in RPO. Since that time, I've had the opportunity to progress from recruitment consultant to talent leader to recruitment operations manager, to bigger and bigger accounts and finally my current account director role. Working in recruitment has given me the chance to develop desired skills and lead without a title so I could grow into the role and, ultimately, be successful when the time came. Additionally, these opportunities help enrich clients and their goals as a whole, which is a win-win situation for all."


In 2018, 84% of professionals aged 22-37  (48% of the global workforce) say career growth is their top factor when choosing an employer. 52% of employees are looking or would consider leaving their company because of compensation, 43% career advancement and 19% lack of recognition.

If career growth is a priority, you thrive in a fast-paced environment and you love tackling new challenges creatively, recruitment might just be right for you!

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About Lauren Bullock

Lauren Bullock is a recruitment business partner at WilsonHCG. She joined the company back in 2014 and has been able to support the business through their large amounts of global growth by working on the internal recruitment team. Lauren has since moved to support our clients in the development of their recruitment strategies and attracting the best talent to their organisations. Lauren is passionate about recruitment and improving the hiring process in order to get the best results!