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WilsonHCG acquires Claro

Global organizations need access to real-time labor market data more than ever before, but many lack the resources to be able to collect and action the insights. This acquisition means we’re able to provide even more comprehensive real-time talent insights to help organizations attract and retain talent.
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What Claro Analytics is capable of

ways to connect with talent
unique data points
machine-learning trained data

Workforce analytics and insights Search all workforce-related information available from the public web.
Competitive talent market mapping See how your roles compare with others in skillsets, talent demand and more.
People analytics, including passive jobseekers Get data on who's showing job-seeking behaviors and connect with them first.
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How Claro offers improved organizational capabilities

  • Improve your diversity recruiting strategy by finding hidden talent
  • Benchmark internal workforce dynamics against competitors
  • Establish real-time attrition modeling with Job Seeking Sonar™ for maximum retention
  • Assess talent market equilibrium and optimize compensation models in real time
  • Expand your total addressable market for recruitment of key roles
  • Seamlessly access via web browser or connect your CRM, HRIS, ATS, or other platform
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Learn more about Claro

Discover how Claro provides insights on hiring trends, salaries and local market talent availability to drive hiring success.

Visit Claro's website