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Company Culture | 4 minute read

Modern design for the home office: 10 tips to get you started

September 28, 2016

Working from home can be a beautiful thing, especially if you have a beautiful home office to go along with it. But what makes a virtual office work? How do you create a space that you’ll actually want to burn the midnight oil in? With about half of the WilsonHCG workforce working virtually, we had plenty of expertise to tap into to answer these questions. Below are the top 10 most popular office design tips from our virtual employees.

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  1. Set up shop near a window. Let the great outdoors bring in some natural light and fresh air by creating your office space around a window or door that can be opened on a nice day. This will keep you alert and refreshed throughout the day.
  2. Surround yourself with inspiration. “The sky is not the limit” is a quote that one WilsonHCG employee keeps on her desk to stay motivated. Keeping a favorite phrase or book nearby will be a constant reminder of your personal goals and aspirations.
  3. Clear out the clutter. This will minimize the distractions and anxiety that tends to be caused by a disorganized space. This goes beyond physical space and extends to files on your computer, an overloaded email inbox and any website notifications.
  4. Create spaces to stand and move. Thanks to technology, many jobs today don’t require any movement at all except for your fingers on a keyboard. But movement is an essential component of focus and engagement. Virtual employees can solve this dilemma by having a standing desk (or kitchen counter) nearby and gym equipment at home for a quick lunch break workout.
  5. Don't isolate yourself. Ensure you have easy access to the technology you need for chatting, video conferencing, networking and socializing with your colleagues. Frequently using social networking sites like Yammer can allow for large-scale collaboration among both virtual and in-office employees.
  6. Pay attention to posture. More simply put, take advantage of the opportunity to size up your desk and technology just right so you’re comfortable during those long stints in front of the computer. Avoid “desk neck” by making sure your chair and desk are at a height where you won’t need to hunch over your keyboard.
  7. Stay connected with corporate culture through visuals. Working from home can sometimes feel like you are alone on an island. Avoid this feeling by placing photos of your work friends on a bulletin board or creating visual reminders of organizational culture and goals.
  8. Pick a color scheme. Clean and white? Energized and bright? Calm and dark? Think about how the colors around you will make you feel and if it aligns with how you’d like to feel throughout your work day.
  9. Allow for some mood music. Especially during any administrative work you need to do throughout the day, having a setup where you can play some low-volume music in the background can make those tasks feel less tedious.
  10. Know yourself and personalize accordingly. Not one size fits all when it comes to home offices. Think of your home office as an opportunity to have control over your environment in ways that are typically not possible in a corporate office. Take the time to set it up for success from the very beginning and you will find home office bliss!


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