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    What does our team look for?

    System configuration & administration
    System configuration & administration To gauge overall system health, cleanliness & accessibility
    User & candidate experience
    User & candidate experience To ensure a seamless experience for candidates and ensure user-friendliness for internal team members on your platform
    Feature usage
    Feature usage To maximize your company's utilization of available features and leverage the benefits of new feature releases.
    Compliance, security & data cleanliness
    Compliance, security & data cleanliness To support your efforts in achieving and maintaining security compliance in accordance with legal requirements.
    Communication & collaboration
    Communication & collaboration To understand in-platform engagement & data centricity
    Automation To spot opportunities for strategy-driven efficiency gains
    Integrations & applications
    Integrations & applications To understand how your ATS interacts with third-party tech
    Reporting & analytics
    Reporting & analytics To ensure you have access to key reports that drive hiring decisions
    Career page & job postings
    Career page & job postings To evaluate employment branding & configuration within candidate-facing content
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    5 ways to optimize your ATS for a better candidate experience

    A comprehensive ATS should be a top priority for creating a positive experience for both candidates and hiring managers. Discover how optimizing your talent acquisition process within your ATS will improve job application efficiency, candidate qualification filtering, and save costs.
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    Your company’s journey, recruitment challenges and goals are unique. That’s why our solutions are too.

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