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2014's Fortune 500 Top 100 Employment Brands

Top-100-Employment-Brands-for-2014How Are Fortune 500 Organizations Attracting Top Talent?

Fortune 500 organizations are among the best-in-class when it comes to attracting talent and can provide a benchmark for effective employment branding tactics. The WilsonHCG Research Institute™ takes a deeper look into what makes these companies the most sought-after employers.

Our 2014 Fortune 500's Top 100 Employment Brands Report defines the elements that make up a well-rounded employer brand and rank companies based on their success in each category.

The WilsonHCG Research Institute™ investigates these employment brands from a candidate’s perspective, including:

  • Job descriptions
  • Career sites
  • Accolades
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Social media presence

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