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Washington DC among top three us cities with the greatest scarcity of skills

By Kirsty hewitt 

The cities with the largest skills gap overall in the US have been revealed.

Washington DC, Austin and the San Francisco Bay area have the largest skills gap overall in the US, new research has revealed.

According to LinkedIn’s June US Workforce Report, each of the cities have a high unfilled demand for  employees with certain skills sets such as teaching, education and healthcare management.

The other cities making the top ten include Miami-Ft Lauderdale, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston,, Raleigh-Durham and West Palm Beach.

Craig Sweeney, Senior Vice President, Global Strategic Talent Solutions at WilsonHCG, said there are lots of things that businesses can do to combat skills shortages.

“Employers need to act now to ensure they don’t get left behind - employer branding, strategic workforce planning and building talent communities are just some of the steps that can help,” he added.

In Miami-Ft Lauderdale, the most scarce skills include manufacturing, software engineering and database management & software.

The area has also gained the most workers in the last 12 months from New York City, NY, Colombia, and Tallahassee, FL.

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