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31 July 2018

More employers using agency workers in UK

More employers in the UK are using temporary and agency workers to manage the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, new data has suggested.

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30 July 2018

Toronto creates more tech jobs than San Francisco

Toronto has created more tech jobs in the past five years than San Francisco, according to new research.

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24 July 2018

Nearly half of all job openings at tech companies are for non-tech roles

Almost half of job openings at tech companies are for non-technical positions, new research by Glassdoor has revealed.

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July 20 2018

MOre businesses turning to flexible working to boost staff retention

Growing numbers of employers plan to embrace flexible working practices in order to retain staff, new figures have revealed.

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July 9 2018

Robust demand for staff leads to increase in starting pay

Robust demand for staff has led to further marked rises in starting pay, new research from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

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July 3 2018

TUC: Let football fans work flexibly during the World Cup

As the knockout round of the 2018 World Cup gets underway, bosses have been urged to consider flexible working arrangements for staff who want to watch the matches.

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June 18, 2018

Women Outnumber men practicing as solicitors for the first time

The legal profession is becoming more diverse - women outnumber men for the first time.

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June 12 2018

Staff shortages "business critical" in may key sectors

Employers need to do more if they want to attract people with the right skills.

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June 6 2018

Washington DC among top three US cities with greatest scarcity of skills

The cities with the largest skills gap overall in the US have been revealed.

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May 22 2018

Forbes names WilsonHCG one of America's Best Executive Recruiting Firms

Forbes has named WilsonHCG as one of America’s Best Executive Recruiting Firms for the second consecutive year.

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April 29 2018

UK Losing Talent Since Brexit Vote

Brexit vote having an impact on the number of professionals moving to the EU from the UK, research reveals.

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April 17 2018

Recruitment process "easier if candidates familiar with company brand"

Businesses can make recruitment processes easier by boosting employer brand, research suggests.

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