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Is recruitment process outsourcing the right solution for you?

Start by identifying the outcome your business is driving towards and what hinders your ability to attract, source and hire the talent to deliver on that vision. With the right talent in place, you can land new clients, build capability, close a skills gap, test a new market or develop a new product. Recruitment outsourcing solutions ensure you have the right people, processes and technology in place to deliver on that vision.
Drive business results
  • Hire top performers and innovators
  • Diversify your talent pools
  • Respond quickly to changing market conditions
  • Improve time-to-productivity
  • Minimize project delays arising from talent supply issues
  • Anticipate future talent needs
Scale with agility
  • Source, attract and hire the right talent quickly
  • Access advanced analytics and reporting to anticipate future needs
  • Build and nurture a pipeline of suitable candidates to remain ahead of future demand
  • Scale resources up or down to align with demand
Integrate hiring across locations and business units
  • Centralize approach to multi-dimensional hiring
  • Gain a clear view on the cost of hiring all talent
  • Improve governance and ensure compliance
  • Predict hiring needs across your entire workforce
  • Develop talent communities
  • Strengthen employee mobility
Augment capability and optimize processes
  • Centralize approach to multi-dimensional hiring
  • Gain a clear view on the cost of hiring all talent
  • Improve governance and ensure compliance
  • Predict hiring needs across your entire workforce
  • Develop talent communities
  • Strengthen employee mobility
Hire in a new region
  • Flexibility to grow your business anywhere, anytime
  • Access local recruitment expertise
  • Expand talent pools
  • Tailor approach to cultural nuances
  • Minimize risk and remain compliant
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What is RPO?

Get a better understanding of recruitment process outsourcing and why companies choose to outsource their recruitment. Learn about the types of companies we partner with, the challenges we solve and the results RPO clients achieve.

Learn about RPO
Flexible RPO solutions for any situation Your company’s journey, recruitment challenges and goals are unique. That’s why our RPO solutions are too. Learn More
Strategic Enterprise RPO An end-to-end recruitment solution to integrate and transform global hiring across business units. Learn More
Enterprise Defined A single, multi-process or end-to-end recruitment solution that supports a specific business unit or location. Learn More
Project-based RPO Achieve a specific hiring goal or engage support for a short-term project (typically ranges between three to 12 months) Learn More
Recruiter Augmentation Boost the output of your in-house talent acquisition team by accessing additional talent acquisition resources Learn More
Strategic Sourcing Source talent using models best suited for achieving your specific hiring goals and in response to economic demands Learn More
We feel incredibly lucky to work with WilsonHCG. Our collaborative partnership with them is key to our success. Not only does the team really excel at communication, but they are embedded into our company and culture.
Talent Acquisition Operations Manager
Global Advisory & Engineering Firm
The team operates with the spirit of partnership. Thank you for striving for being great partners!
Global Head of Talent Acquisition Strategy
and Shared Capabilities
Fortune 50 Pharmaceuticals Company
WilsonHCG has been assisting the organisation to recruit its most important people since 2016 with  950+ appointments in the last year alone. WilsonHCG is clearly an important trusted partner, with a partnership built on strong collaboration and mutual respect. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership.
Director, UKIMEA Board
Global Consulting Firm
Working with the WilsonHCG sourcing team has benefited my time to focus on strategic conversations with my leaders. The sourcing team has benefited our workflow; from intake sessions through to onboarding. I've engaged with these folks on the front and back end of our workflows to deliver a best-in-class solution for our hiring leaders and candidate pools.
Healthcare Organization
pharmaceutical employee working on production line

Multi-country talent solution helps pharmaceutical giant reduce agency usage

A market-leading pharmaceuticals company needed support hiring niche roles in multiple countries.

The challenge

The pharmaceuticals company needed language-specific recruitment support across 30+ regions across EMEA but didn’t have the bandwidth in-house and was reliant on agencies to fulfil short-term hiring needs.

The solution

We partnered with the company to provide a strategic recruitment process outsourcing solution to help reduce its reliance (and spend) on agencies, while ensuring it had access to the talent it needed to meet its business goals.

The dedicated team helped to:

  • Reduce agency usage ratio to 3.9%
  • Reduce average time-to-accept to 44 days
  • Increase offer-to-accept ratio to 100%
Healthcare employee speaking to patient

Healthcare provider saves $8.5M through RPO while improving patient care

A healthcare provider needed help transforming its decentralized talent acquisition function.

The challenge

The healthcare provider was spending millions of dollars on agency fees because it urgently needed nurses to support patient care and revenue streams. Its in-house talent acquisition team did not have capacity to devise a talent strategy to win in such a restricted talent market.

The solution

We deployed a dedicated team of healthcare recruiting specialists and created a phased strategy to streamline processes and centralize the sourcing and recruitment functions.

The talent acquisition transformation resulted in:

  • 83% reduction in time-to-hire
  • 1240% increase in offers accepted
  • 18 days average time-to-offer
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How our RPO solutions work

We configure a solution to fit your needs.Let us know your challenges and what you’re trying to achieve. We’ll do the rest.
We complete a seamless transition.Rooted in project management professional principles, our implementation approach ensures a smooth transition whatever the scope, scale or complexity.
We deliver on our promise to youYou’ll work with a team that is focused entirely on your organization. Depending on what works best for your business, the team will work on-site at your offices or in-market regionally.
You deliver on your business goals.We make sure you deliver against critical business needs. Your dedicated team will make sure you’re well-positioned to respond to current and future hiring needs.

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