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Recruitment Process "easier if candidates familiar with company brand"

By Kirsty hewitt 

Businesses can make recruitment processes easier by boosting employer brand, research suggests.

The recruitment process is easier if candidates are aware of a company’s brand, according to a new study by Glassdoor.

Glassdoor questioned 750 hiring decision makers, with 75 percent saying the process is more straightforward if a candidate is familiar with their brand name and products/services.

However, six in 10 of those surveyed said their employer brand awareness is either a “challenge” or a “significant barrier” when it comes to attracting and hiring candidates.

John Wilson, Founder and CEO of WilsonHCG, said it comes as no surprise that employer brand is viewed as a challenge to 60 percent of those surveyed.

“WilsonHCG’s Top 100 Fortune 500 Employment Brand report revealed that the top five challenges for 2018 are all talent and employment brand-related,” said John. “Our research also revealed that companies with “weak” employment brands spend double the amount per hire compared with businesses with strong employer brands.”

“Brand awareness is vital when it comes to attracting talent and is even more important when you consider that talent acquisition strategy remains a business priority this year,” John concluded.

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