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Outplacement solutions

TALENT.™ transitions

To us, outplacement is leading with empathy, taking a personalized approach to strategy and communications around career transition, and providing the coaching and resources necessary to allow alumni to enter the next stage of their career. We design experiences that are thoughtful, offer hope, and provide people an opportunity to refocus and move forward to their next opportunity with confidence.

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Why is outplacement so important?

Your people matter. And we believe they deserve to feel considered, respected, and cared for throughout this process. Most organizations now have robust and engaging onboarding processes, but how we deal with the transition period is equally important. It will strengthen the professional relationship and protect your employment brand.

WilsonHCG partners with clients to offer end-to-end transition services, mapping out the entirety of a transition: pre-transition, active transition, and post-transition.


Key elements of TALENT.™ TRANSITIONS

  • Culture-forward communication and management preparation strategy
  • Package customization, stay guides/tools, and alumni community/tools
  • In-person and remote support for one-on-one and group transition
  • Coaching and vent support sessions and channels
  • Transition workshops (in-person and/or virtual)
  • Future-focused activities: career search calendar, daily activities plan, personalized job matching, recruiter and prospective opportunity introductions



All solutions were designed to be compassionate, virtual, and scalable based on your organization’s size.
The community solution gives clients the ability to offer a suite of essential TALENT transition services at a time when they are needed most. Customers have full access to our portal where alumni can take advantage of valuable resources and on-demand workshops at their own pace to help with their most immediate and fundamental transition needs. 
This solution is ideal for organizations looking to offer on-demand access to professional and industry-grade resources that focus on the core fundamentals for a successful transition. 



• Wellbeing resources during career transition

• Career search calendar with daily activities plan

• New access to immediate financial resources (who is hiring now, 1099 freelance, government relief, UI, etc.)

• On-demand microlearning

• Resume and LinkedIn guides and templates

• Interview prep checklist by interview type

• FAQ resources for commonly asked questions

On-Demand Workshops

• On-demand workshops and  microlearning videos:

Modern resume creation video and

LinkedIn and social optimization video

The personalized solution includes everything from our community offering plus access to premium on-demand resources and personalized alumni support that go beyond the fundamentals. With this solution, customers also have the ability to provide customized communication and summaries of company benefits including 401k, rehire eligibility etc. along with live virtual introductory coaching sessions. 
This solution is ideal for companies looking to go beyond the traditional fundamental offerings and give alumni the ability to access live workshops, webinars and community support geared to further enhance their ability for successful transitions. 


Everything from the Community Plan, plus:


• Premium on-demand workshops and microlearning videos:

• Networking digitally and in-person

• Personal brand

• Interviewing

• Virtual interviewing (dos and don'ts)

• Negotiating the best offer

Client-specific communication

• Opportunity for clients to provide a communication and summary of resources on how to access benefits, 401(k), rehire eligibility, etc.

Live workshops and webinars

• Full career transition support & live events

Role/next step matching

• AI Job matching based on an individual's profile

Live in-portal chat or email support

• Responsive email support

Vent and hope channels

• Opportunities to share frustration confidentially and messages of hope publicly

Virtual introductory coaching session

• Introduction to provide an overview of resources, review alumni requests, and offer general guidance

The full-service solution offers true "white-glove" approach, combining everything from the personalized package with a true focus on individualsUsers will be offered personalized resume development sessions and LinkedIn and coaching support. In addition, WilsonHCG will distribute the resumes of alumni to its vast network of recruiters and partners. 
This solution is perfect for organizations that are looking to offer long-term, highly personalized transition services that can be tailored to any role and level.  


Everything from the Personalized Plan, plus:

Recruiter blast

• WilsonHCG distributes candidates through a large network of internal recruiters and agencies

Live resume and LinkedIn profile updates

• WilsonHCG writes, edits, or revises alumni resumes and facilitates LinkedIn updates

Ongoing one-on-one virtual coaching (3 months)

• Weekly one-on-one virtual touch-base coaching opportunity

Executive coaching and support

• Customized support based on level and client engagement needs


Everything from the Full-Service Plan, plus additional counselor hours and custom company-branded materials. 


Benefits of

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