From Classroom To Conference Room

At WilsonHCG, we know that the strength of our future workforce is up to us to develop. This is why our educational internship program is committed to offering real-world experience for college students and recent college graduates. Our internship program, based at our Tampa, FL, headquarters, is designed to teach our interns the day-to-day functions of working at a corporate office, while focusing on enhancing their skills and helping them discover their ideal career paths.

Interns won’t be asked to make copies or go on coffee runs – our paid internship program is committed to the participation in actual business functions that contribute to the company. Interns learn everything from technical and professional skills to personal and behavioral skills. Our extensive training program is continuously evaluated and redeveloped to ensure we’re providing our interns with the most up-to-date knowledge and influencing their careers in the most impactful way. Each WilsonHCG intern is paired with a mentor who provides personalized one-on-one trainings and takes ownership of their mentee’s success.

If you’re looking for an impactful internship  one that focuses on development opportunities and mentorship  look no further. WilsonHCG is dedicated to helping you become a top-notch employee. The energetic, collaborative and transparent company culture at WilsonHCG will make you feel like you’re contributing to the success of an organization while setting yourself up for success in the workforce.

Contact us if you're a college student or recent college graduate who is interested in participating in a paid internship program.


“As an intern, I felt valued and encouraged to make a lasting impact with my accounts. Nothing beats the feeling of finding a golden candidate.” – Danny Santamaria

"My internship with WilsonHCG provided an impeccable flexible scheduling option for students. I was given clear goals and responsibility right away, which led to a truly enlightening experience." – Sean McCleary

"As an intern, my efforts were valued from Day 1 - I came on full-time because of the career growth I have been able to achieve." – Dylan Cassidy

“I felt extremely prepared coming onto the WilsonHCG team full-time after the internship. The training and experience I received was irreplaceable to my professional career and development within the company.” – Angelina Playter