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What is it like to work at WilsonHCG?

TALENT.™ is who we are. That means we've built a culture based on innovation and feedback, giving people ownership over their ideas. Our collaborative culture helps our people get better. And when our people get better, we get better.

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A company of doers

Benefits & rewards

Our employees follow their passions to create their own career paths here at WilsonHCG. We’ve built a workforce culture that fosters flexibility and learning & development so that our people can advance their careers and move at a pace that suits them. We like to inspire and empower our people.

Some of the benefits of working at WilsonHCG:

    • Peer recognition program
    • Continuous learning program
    • Open PTO policy (MyTime*)
    • Paid volunteer time off
    • Employer sponsored retirement contribution
    • Opportunities for growth
    • Inclusive and engaging work environment
    • Flexible working (remote and in-office)


We know how much our employees value flexibility. That’s why we introduced MyTime, an open paid-time-off policy with no maximum limits or accrual required. Our employees can use MyTime for things like vacation, bereavement, volunteer time, company time off, etc. per regional guidelines, as long as employees are meeting their performance goals.

“We strive to encourage a culture of trust at WilsonHCG and we implemented MyTime to better ensure we cultivate a workplace culture where life and work complement each other.” -- Marisol Hughes, EVP, General Counsel at WilsonHCG.


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Learning & development

Our mission is to deliver business-impacting results for our clients and we know the best way to do this is by investing in our people.

We have an inclusive, comprehensive learning & development program that begins on each employee’s first day. Our learning & development programs, which are fully backed by leadership, are designed to keep the business moving forward. They regularly updated to ensure staff are supported with the tools necessary to be innovative, and provide scale and flexibility for our company and clients, while reaching the next level in their careers.

Another area of personal development at WilsonHCG is through our pillar program. The WilsonHCG pillar program was built to provide employees autonomy in developing their individual careers by providing clarity on steps employees can take to up-skill themselves within their roles. These pillar advancements are relevant to improving the lives of our employees and each advancement is celebrated company-wide.

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Hiring & onboarding

We know the impact of a well-designed and well-run onboarding process. That’s why we offer a comprehensive and smooth hiring and onboarding process. Our 90:1 program provides new hires with the ability to gain skills in 90 days that normally require one year which helps new employees settle into their roles as efficiently as possible.

We've built a culture based on not only diversity, but also inclusion. This starts on day one. By embedding inclusion into our onboarding process, you immediately feel like part of the team.

We have multiple employee resource groups to connect you with other employees that share similar interests whether it be cooking, music, books, travel, or other hobbies.

Hiring & Onboarding

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Global assignments

Our employees have the ability to take short-term assignments overseas for clients that need immediate scalability or implementation partners. Most recently, one of our US-based recruiters, Kyle Chesnut, went on a three-month assignment to Amsterdam to work onsite with a client.

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