What You Can Learn About Onboarding From The Sochi Olympics

The opening ceremony to the Winter Olympics set the stage and tone for the events succeeding it. Consisting of multiple events, the opening ceremony tradition has been perfected over the years, leading to a seamless affair in which everything has its place and purpose. This serves as a reminder that having a strong onboarding program at your company also sets the tone for your new hire’s employment. Restructuring your onboarding program to reflect some of the opening ceremony events can create an engaging and positive experience, aiding in your new employee’s success.

Too often, employees start off their career with a company on the wrong foot. Perhaps the HR department hasn’t found a more efficient way to go through the introductions and training processes. Or the company just doesn’t see the value in a structured onboarding process. There are plenty of reasons why a company’s onboarding process can leave much to be desired. However, let’s learn something from how Friday’s opening ceremony was systematically developed to create excitement and enhance the experience of the main event.

Russia’s celebration: The ceremony celebrated the rich history of Russia. Pride for the country was evident throughout the display of events showcasing the aspects of Russia’s culture.

A company should also present its history and culture during the first few days of a new hire’s employment, just as the host country does during the opening ceremony. Showing your new hire what has led up to the current state can create a sense of security for your employee. Seeing the progressive success can make them excited about what’s to come and consider what their parts will be in the development of your organization. Additionally, displaying your culture will increase engagement from the start, help new hires identify a connection and make them see the ways that they can ingrain themselves in the DNA.

Parade of nations: During the parade of nations as part of the opening ceremony, all of the participating nations are introduced as they make their way around the stadium. All members of these nations are present, allowing spectators to get familiarized with the participants as they prepare to watch the games.

The key takeaway from this event is that it introduces all of the Olympic athletes, which is also imperative for a company during the onboarding process. Employees should not be limited to introductions within their department. During the first few weeks of employment, an employee should be exposed and introduced to the many different departments in the organization and be given opportunities to put faces to names and build relationships.

Opening ceremony speeches: After the parade of nations, the president of the organizing committee and the president of the international Olympic committee (IOC) make their addresses. At the conclusion of the speech, the IOC president introduces the representative of the host country who officially declares the beginning of the games.

Exhibiting the leadership of the committees and the host country should be replicated within an organization during onboarding. For employees, especially new hires, it’s important to get acquainted with the leadership team. Whether these individuals introduce themselves and welcome new hires face to face, on a conference call or via personalized email, this is a vital aspect to new hire onboarding and allows your C-suite to be humanized. New hires need to know who is running the chain of command and find a connection.

It doesn’t need to be complex but the onboarding program must be carefully designed and executed completely. Creating a schedule, ensuring all parties are available and making sure that new hires are exposed to the key areas of the overall business during the early stages of their employment will ensure a successful relationship. It will give employees a sense of purpose in their new career and foster an engaging employment experience.

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Ashley Perez

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in human resources and organizational management, Ashley pursued her passion and secured a career path in the human resources industry. She is currently a Talent Acquisition Content Strategist for WilsonHCG, as well as a Brand Ambassador for WilsonHCG and #TChat. Additionally, she uses her experience and knowledge to write a blog focusing on an array of Social HR topics.