Career Spotlight: Recruitment Consultant in the UK

As WilsonHCG continues to grow, recruiters based out of our UK office play an integral role by delivering the best talent for our clients across European markets. The UK recruiters impart talent acquisition expertise through creative strategies, and through these proactive methods, the recruitment team makes an impact for our global clients by delivering high-quality talent to help them reach their organisational objectives.

What interests you most about the company?

“The people. As a junior on-site recruiter, it is amazing to get the opportunity to work with more experienced recruiters who are more than happy to share their knowledge and wisdom. It is also a company that is really going places, and I can see myself developing a long-term career with WilsonHCG.”

“I like the change and movement of the business. There always seems to be new contracts being implemented and new colleagues joining the team, which gives a really positive feeling to the whole organisation.”

“Development opportunities are available to me. I am excited that there are so many opportunities, and I feel that there is the ability to learn a lot about various industries.”

What’s a “day in the life” of a recruiter? Are you on-site, virtual or work from a branch office?

“Working on the client site every day means you really understand the culture of their business and the type of candidate who will fit. A typical day can vary immensely, which is what keeps things interesting – from running assessment centres and speaking to potential candidates to research for our recruitment strategy ahead of next year’s graduate intake.”

“I’m an on-site account manager and just like most, no day is the same. Interviews, resourcing, hiring planning meetings, business planning meetings – just trying to make a difference every time.”

“I work on the client site the vast majority of the time. I am closely working with my hiring managers day to day, making their lives easier and taking the stress away from recruiting.”

What aspects of your job are you most passionate about?

“Making a lasting impression by offering excellent service and delivery. One without the other could be positive for the short-term but will not give you longevity. Doing both things well is where I get job satisfaction, adding value in the process and becoming a valuable member in the process.”

“Delivering a good service to the client by being thorough and ensuring that I have made the effort to understand the client, their requirements, the role and their own culture.”

A good candidate experience. Finding the best candidates in my area of expertise, reaching out, engaging with them and keeping in touch. Twitter-Icon copy

What is the dynamic of your team? How has it helped you be successful?

“The team I work with is very much a ‘work hard, play hard’ environment, in that we all work very hard but can have a laugh and enjoy what we do.”

“A varied team, definitely. Everyone here is personality-profiled and a team wheel was created showing individual characteristics. This helps you learn about your coworkers.”

“Democratic leadership, which promotes harmony and adds true value.”

What are some competencies or job-related skills that are important to have in order to be a successful recruiter?

“Resilient, tenacious, target-driven, personable, customer-focused and a sense of humour.”

“Communication. We are dealing with very different people every day. Being able to mirror people and adapt to their style is mandatory.”

“The ability to manage your own workload and to keep going until you find that right candidate.”

What do you enjoy most about the company culture?

“Work hard and do well, but still enjoy your work and have a work-life balance. We’re also very customer-focused; whatever is best for the client, we will do.”

“The main thing I enjoy about the company culture is the transparency and the supportiveness given by everyone. As we are all so spread out, it would be really easy to feel like you are on your own at times. However, I have never felt like this due to the continuous communication and engagement.”

“The openness and positive approach of everyone in the business. I once heard someone (in another business) say, ‘We take our work very seriously but not ourselves too seriously,’ which I think explains our culture well too.”

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