Career Spotlight: Client Solutions Executive

WilsonHCG’s Client Solutions Executives are the individuals who have helped grow our organization to what it is today. With the consistent evolution of the talent acquisition industry, our Client Solutions Executives are always faced with new challenges that allow them to exercise their ability to pioneer untapped concepts.

From recruitment models and sourcing plans, employment branding strategies or workforce forecasting models (to name a few), our Client Solutions Executives are exposed to a breadth of trends, keeping their day-to-day unique and interesting.


What interests you most about the company?

“I enjoy seeing the growth of the company. Working with our growing sales and delivery teams and expanding internationally are very exciting things!”

“I love the organized chaos and never knowing what each day will bring.”

“It’s exciting to be a part of WilsonHCG’s growth and watch our international presence expand each day.”

“WilsonHCG’s people are exceptional. I’ve never worked for a company that was so reliant on the feedback, innovation and suggestions of its employees as much as WilsonHCG. A lot of the programs, initiatives and benefits we offer today were built from the minds of our employees.”

What’s a “day in the life” of a business development executive?

“There will always be the aspects of a typical sales cycle, but there are also opportunities for collaboration and development. We’re always creating innovative solutions and continually trying to find new strategies to develop. Every day I find opportunities to learn and expand my knowledge and skills to benefit prospective clients.”

“Outreach consists of a lot of calls and emails. But, it is so exciting when you land something promising and can show the prospect just how much of an impact you can make on their company. It’s fun to be able to travel and visit all kinds of different companies to present our ideas – and sprinkle a few trade shows throughout the year in the mix too.”

What aspects of your job are you most passionate about?

“Helping clients solve their talent acquisition challenges and seeing how a solution I suggested has positively impacted their business.” Twitter-Icon copy

“I’m passionate about negotiating and closing deals! I also like the team I work with. Traveling to new cities is a definite perk.”

“I like the opportunity to be creative and innovative in our solutions. We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all mentality, so it gives us room to craft something unique for our prospects and clients.”

What is the dynamic of the team? How has it helped you be successful?

“We have diverse skillsets on the team coming from different professional experiences. The differences really work for us, especially during brainstorming sessions. I’m often blown away by the perspectives of my teammates.”

“The team really helps each other out whether it’s information sharing, best practices or knowledge transfer. When a group of individuals can work seamlessly as one unit, it helps everyone’s success.”

What are some competencies or job-related skills that are important to have in order to be successful?

“Knowledge of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), diligence, goal-driven and ready to switch gears at a moment’s notice!”

“You have to be hungry for new opportunities, growth and knowledge. Being complacent is not an option. You have a real opportunity to define what you do at this company, especially if you get the results.”

“With this role being consultative and customizable, the keys needed to be successful are building relationships and really listening to what people want. You have to have the ability to think of solutions that will meet their current needs but still have the flexibility to be modified for future needs. So, being forward-thinking is a definite must.”

What are some unexpected challenges you’ve had to overcome?

“As salespeople, we deal with rejection from potential clients all day long. You need to be able to shake it off and keep moving forward. Your next big deal is just around the corner.”

“I wouldn’t say it was much of a challenge, but the highly consultative nature of this job required me to learn how to be creative and flexible. No two solutions are the same, which can make it both exhilarating and thought-provoking.”

What advice would you give to someone interested in joining the team?

You need to find a way to manage multiple projects; some days will be the repetitive cycle of sales outreach, and others will focus on collaboration to develop high-level presentations with a quick turnaround time. And, of course, there are the weeks full of travel.”

“Sales cycles are typically long in our industry but with something new going on every day, it keeps the daily grind fresh. You have to be quick on your feet because you never know what new project could pop up at any given time.”

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