A Recap of #hruSourcing Krakow And Why It's Important For RPO

This month we had the opportunity to attend the #hruSourcing Krakow conference, which provided us with best practices and excellent industry insights. With industry peers covering the latest topics on talent acquisition, it was an ideal reason for both knowledge sharing and networking with like-minded recruitment and HR professionals. The topics ranged from best sourcing strategies, employer branding through to diversity and inclusion, and the event was a refreshing reminder of some of the most important areas we as talent acquisition professionals need to be focusing on.

One of the most interesting presentations we listened to was from Kasia Borowicz. Her focus was on how the art of linguistics and psychology can play a major role in candidate outreach and have a significant impact on your response rates. Some of the interesting areas she touched on included reviewing how a candidate presents themselves online and tailoring your approach accordingly, the importance of personalisation (especially staying away from generic templates), and the need to engage in conversation with candidates beyond strictly recruitment. I particularly enjoyed the analogy she used to describe this: If a chair sales representative walks into a room, would the only conversation he has with people include ‘you look like you need a new chair’, ‘would you like to buy my chair?’ etc. Whilst comical in approach, it was very thought provoking in the sense that it highlighted the importance of not just talking jobs, jobs, jobs to truly engage with people. As a presenter, she was extremely engaging and I would certainly recommend anyone local to Krakow attend one of her future conference talks.

Another highlight of the event was Sylwia Klusek's talk about diversity in the workplace and the importance of recruitment driving this, from both a gender and cultural perspective within an organisation. After providing a short presentation on this topic, she then had us split into groups and list the most common reasons why businesses resist recruiting a more diverse and inclusive workforce and how we could go about countering those reservations and apprehensions. It was an effective way of engaging everyone in the group, and really got people thinking about the role we all can play. We’re fortunate at WilsonHCG in the fact that we champion diversity and inclusion, and speaking from personal experience, I’ve been fortunate that my clients have operated in the same vein. It was fascinating to hear some of the challenges that are being faced, however, and to have the opportunity to discuss as a group.

Aside from the presentations, naturally one of the most beneficial areas of attending events such as this is the opportunity to network and gain local insights from the market. It was extremely interesting and insightful to hear best practices from other recruitment professionals in the Krakow market. The region has embraced Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and with a diverse, highly skilled and innovative local recruitment workforce we are looking forward to attending similar events in the future.

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Luke Govier

Luke is a recruitment business partner and co-lead of WilsonHCG’s Sourcing 2.0 committee. Having graduated from the University of Essex with a degree in history, he began his career within IT recruitment, specialising within the testing and QA space. Luke decided to make the move into a RPO as he considered it a stronger value adding proposition for clients whilst also allowing him to have a greater influence from a strategic perspective. Since joining WilsonHCG, Luke has worked globally for a range of Fortune 1000 companies, covering a wide array of job functions whilst maintaining his personal interest in technology.

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