3 Candidate Experience Best Practices to Fortify Your Efforts

It’s Candidate Experience Week here at WilsonHCG! Why, you ask? Because the candidate matters, the interactions and relationships your recruitment teams build with potential hires goes far beyond common courtesy – they impact your brand, your workforce and your bottom line. Consider the following:

  • More than 22 percent of 18-35 year olds expect a response within 10 minutes of reaching out to a consumer brand.
  • In 2016, 18-35 year-olds had an average tenure of 1.6 years per job. By 2020, these very same 18-35 year-olds (millennials and Gen Z) will make up a whopping 50 percent of the workforce.
  • Video interviewing is now a top five recruitment technology investment for employers, while onboarding has likewise been cited as a top five investment for employers.

In brief, today’s talent has full transparency into what they're worth – and what competitors are offering – and they will not only reject a job offer or leave early on if they don't feel their demands are being met, but they will likewise share their experiences across the wealth of platforms available today (e.g., Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.). In response, organizations are investing in ways to optimize candidate outreach, personalize prospective hire-recruiter interaction, and improve onboarding and learning and development (L&D) strategies.

Synergy throughout your talent function starts with the candidate experience and, toward this end, we present Candidate Experience Week – not just to highlight its importance but likewise celebrate how much industry leaders have invested in the growth of their front-end talent practices. To kick off this week, WilsonHCG’s “best of” content specific to the candidate experience!

3 Candidate Experience Best Practices to Fortify Your Efforts

Candidate Experience Case Study: the Good, the Bad, and the Clumsy

Travis Furlow, WilsonHCG’s VP of Client Solutions (Americas), details his recent, personal experiences as a candidate and the subsequent passion he’s developed for truly exceptional candidate journeys. Over the span of three months, Travis met with eight organizations and took part in 15+ interviews. In this article, based on his experiences (some good, others “clumsy”), Travis’ discovered three “simple” but “powerful” candidate experience tactics.


Learning & Development: Why “Too Much” is Never Enough

Engaged employees equal loyal employees. They make great referral sources, culture and brand ambassadors and, above all, top performers who advance your bottom line. Toward this end, organizations need to focus, first, on the candidate and new-hire onboarding experience; this sets the stage for the mindset new employees have coming into the company, including your training and growth opportunities. This article explores how deftly communicating the targeted and structured learning programs you have in place during the candidate lifecycle can set the stage for immediate new-hire success, motivated and engaged employees, and continuously growing retention rates.


3 Ways Technology is Reshaping the Candidate Experience

Technology is enabling better, more intimate and strategic human interaction by making various pieces of talent acquisition and recruitment automated, more easily tracked and efficient. That said, WilsonHCG firmly believes it’s the people who put your tools to work that determine just how high that advantage can climb. With the balance, technology gives your recruitment teams the opportunity to focus on what recruitment is all about: focusing on the candidate, on the hiring manager and organization’s needs, on the onboarding process, the goals and desires of both sides. In brief, the personal relationship.


Join the WilsonHCG Candidate Experience Week conversation by following along – for best practices, thought leadership and candidate experience celebrations – with our hashtag #CandEXP17 and by tuning into our brief but insightful webinar on Wednesday, September 13!

Candidate Experience 2.0: Comprehensive Solutions for Your 2020 Talent Strategy

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Candidate Experience 2.0: Comprehensive Solutions for Your 2020 Talent Strategy