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Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

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Make talent your growth accelerator.

With recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), attract, source and onboard the talent you need to drive business results.

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Is recruitment process outsourcing the right solution for you?

Start by identifying what hinders your ability to attract, source and hire the talent you need to drive your business forward.

With the right talent in place, you can land new clients, build capability, close a skills gap, test a new market or develop a new product. Our recruitment outsourcing solutions ensure you have the right people and processes in place to deliver on that vision, while freeing your team from administrative tasks associated with hiring and creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Drive business results through talent
  • Hire top performers and innovators
  • Diversify your talent pools
  • Respond quickly to changing market conditions
  • Improve time-to-productivity
  • Minimise project delays arising from talent supply issues
  • Anticipate future talent needs
Scale with agility
  • Source, attract and hire the right talent quickly
  • Access advanced analytics and reporting to anticipate future needs
  • Build and nurture a pipeline of suitable candidates to remain ahead of future demand
  • Scale resources up or down to align with demand
Integrate hiring across locations and business units
  • Centralise approach to multi-dimensional hiring
  • Gain a clear view on the cost of hiring all talent
  • Improve governance and ensure compliance
  • Predict hiring needs across your entire workforce
  • Develop talent communities
  • Strengthen employee mobility
Augment capability and optimise processes
  • Access sourcing and screening support to boost your team’s output
  • Diversify your talent pools
  • Eliminate the administrative burden on your team
  • Access enhanced technology and analytics to inform workforce planning and recruitment strategies
Hire in a new region
  • Flexibility to grow your business anywhere, anytime
  • Access local recruitment expertise
  • Expand talent pools
  • Tailor approach to cultural nuances
  • Minimise risk and remain compliant

Talent solutions for any situation

Your company’s journey, recruitment challenges and goals are unique. That’s why our RPO solutions are too. 

Strategic Enterprise RPO An end-to-end recruitment solution to integrate and transform global hiring across business units
Enterprise Defined A single, multi-process or end-to-end recruitment solution that supports a specific business unit or location
Project-based RPO Achieve a specific hiring goal or engage support for a short-term project (typically ranges between three to 12 months)
Recruiter Augmentation Boost the output of your in-house talent acquisition team by accessing additional talent acquisition resources
Strategic Sourcing Source talent using models best suited for achieving your specific hiring goals and in response to economic demands

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How it works


We configure a solution to fit your needs.

Let us know your challenges and what you’re trying to achieve. We’ll do the rest.


We complete a seamless transition.

Rooted in project management professional principles, our implementation approach ensures a smooth transition whatever the scope, scale or complexity.


We deliver on our promise to you.

You’ll work with a team that is focused entirely on your organisation. Depending on what works best for your business, the team will work on-site at your offices or in-market regionally.


You deliver on your business goals.

We make sure you deliver against critical business needs. Your dedicated team will make sure you’re well-positioned to respond to current and future hiring needs.

Delivering results across your entire talent acquisition lifecycle

We deploy talent acquisition strategies enhanced by the latest technologies to deliver the talent you need today, alongside advanced analytics, insights and reporting to anticipate, pipeline and nurture the talent you’ll need for tomorrow.

  • Quality talent to support critical business needs 
  • A more diverse and inclusive workforce 
  • Elevated employment branding
  • Increase in candidate experience and hiring manager satisfaction

Source: WilsonHCG Research Institute

Client case studies

Delivered fast-ramp hiring for niche, technical skillsets in talent-constrained markets across North America, Europe and APAC for a Fortune 500 multinational information technology company

Our blend of full end-to-end RPO and proprietary direct sourcing models resulted in:

  • 71% reduction in cost-per-hire 
  • 25% reduction in time-to-fill
  • 26% average in diversity hires (Q3 2019)
  • High-quality talent networks established across global, low supply markets, eliminating "wait" for active applicants

Transformed hiring through high-quality business partnerships and innovative technology across the EMEA region for one of the world's largest multinational drink and brewing companies

Our end-to-end RPO solution encompassed internal and external hiring and administration services:

  • 100% service-level agreement (SLA) and key performance indicator (KPI) attainment
  • 85% offer acceptance rate
  • 4.2 out of 5 hiring manager satisfaction score
  • 4.4 out of 5 candidate satisfaction score 

Enabled new market expansion in North America, improved diversity of hires, maximised workforce planning and streamlined global internal mobility for one of the world's largest law firms

Our total talent solution optimised the client’s talent acquisition function and resulted in:

  • Hiring targets achieved four months ahead of schedule
  • Two-thirds of hires were diverse candidates
  • Global internal mobility program’s interview scheduling averaged 24 hours, representing 99% SLA attainment
  • 25% reduction in time-to-fill

[GUIDE] The A to Z of RPO

Trying to understand the benefits of RPO or explain the value to your key stakeholders? Check out our A to Z of RPO. This guide explains everything you need to know about a strategic RPO partnership.

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What makes us the right partner?

Global framework, local expertise
Our presence spans more than 65 countries and six continents. We’ve proven ourselves across industries and cultures and understand regional market nuances.

One partner across your entire workforce
We offer a full suite of talent acquisition solutions to complement our RPO offering, including executive search, contingent talent solutions and talent consulting. That means we can solve all your talent challenges and offer the opportunity to centralise hiring for permanent and non-permanent hiring, at all levels.

Our people
We are trusted partners to some of the world’s most admired brands because of the strength of our people. We invest in their development to drive innovation at all levels of our business and for our clients.

Our culture
Our DNA was developed by our employees and is what sets us apart. It defines every aspect of the way we do business, from how we work with each other to how we serve our clients and engage with our partners.

To remain ahead in today’s market, you must be agile. Our recruitment process outsourcing solutions can be scaled based on your evolving hiring needs.

The result? Growth and bottom-line impact.

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