Webinar Recap: Why Businesses MUST Modernize Talent Strategy

The need for talent isn't a regional issue – it's global. Countries and industries across the globe are challenged trying to locate, attract and hold on to the very best people. In fact, globally, talent acquisition is now the third most important challenge companies face. With 56% of global leaders saying their team's hiring will increase this year, something's gotta give.

As I presented during a webinar on behalf of WilsonHCG and MSI Global Talent Solutions this past Wednesday, May 24th (you can access the replay here), we discussed how many organizations are currently in the midst of "the perfect storm" – experiencing a confluence of both recruiting and retention challenges. These are not new issues by any means. But as shared during the webinar, there is one way for global companies to not only weather the storm but sail through stronger than before:

Build a "modernized" talent acquisition and management strategy.

What does "modern" mean? Many things. In brief, talent acquisition can no longer just be about buzzwords in the job description. Talent management can no longer be about buzzwords on websites, across social media, or through internal communications. Candidates and colleagues are smarter than they've ever been; they are educating themselves about the job opportunity, the company, the culture, competitive compensation, growth opportunities, and more. They have full transparency into what they're worth, and what they want – whether that's culture, compensation, leadership or growth potential. They will reject a job offer if they don't feel it meets their demands, and they will leave if they're professional needs/goals aren't being met.

As such, it's integral for companies to likewise modernize – to get smarter, innovate and become strategic. We need to show, consistently, candidates and employees the value of joining and/or staying with the organization. We need to fully understand the value of each employee, what employment brand and employee value proposition truly means to the business, why culture continues to grow in impact and importance, predict future workforce needs before they arise, understand what candidates of all generations are looking for in an opportunity, and what will keep candidates and employees engaged. This only scratches the surface.

Talent acquisition and management strategy is a well oiled machine, with many gears including employment branding, technology, data and analytics, workforce planning and business alignment, to name just a few. If one gear in the engine that is talent strategy fractures or grows rusted (transactional, reactive, inconsistent or misaligned with the business), the entire machine will falter.

In Wednesday's webinar, I really delved into the actionable steps companies can take to shift from operational and tactical to truly strategic, market disrupting ("modern") talent strategy – sharing best practices, experiences and research on how organizations can take the first steps towards maximizing their talent to achieve real business results. Check out the replay right here!

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Joe Kotch

As the director of consulting for WilsonHCG, Joe has been responsible for leading and executing global human capital consulting partnerships. He has deep technical expertise with more than 18 years in engineering, software and technology, coupled with more than 20 years of experience as a global talent acquisition leader for organizations that have undergone significant change, growth, mergers and acquisitions. Joe has held senior leadership roles in talent acquisition and global staffing for NCR, Cisco and Scientific Atlanta. His education includes a B.A. in communications from West Virginia University and a certificate in organizational development from Georgia State University.