RPO Benefits: Exceed 2017 Business Goals & Objectives

As part of our close to 2016, we are presenting a series of articles exploring key employment trends, regional talent acquisition (TA) challenges, as well as strategic solutions on how HR leaders can meet or exceed their talent goals moving into 2017 and beyond. If you're just making your acquaintance with the series, we suggest you first check out article one, five global employment trends impacting 2017's people agenda. Below are previous articles in the series:

This week, VP of Client Solutions, Matthew McGregor, discusses the benefits of leveraging a recruitment process outsourcing partner to help organizations exceed business objectives through the new year.

At this time of year, many organizational leaders begin to pivot their focus from a strong finish in 2016 to an achievement strategy for 2017. Aligning 2017 business objectives with talent strategy is imperative. To exceed business outcomes, an organization must ensure expertise is on hand to recruit across many different business units and to fill a variety of profiles. This, however, can be a daunting task. Organizations can invest internally to build the necessary processes, infrastructure, and expertise, or they can seek an external partner that specializes in these services and capabilities. Increasingly, forward-thinking companies are looking outside their organization to fulfill talent needs to meet – or exceed – business objectives.

Partner Vs. Vendor

The key is finding a talent solutions partner, not just a vendor to work with. More importantly, organizations should look for a partner that aligns with their company culture. This means they understand and have a stake in overall business objectives while bringing the aforementioned expertise to the table. A quality talent solutions partner must provide a holistic candidate experience, support your employer brand, drive efficiency, and have the ability to scale. Many HR and TA leaders will find it difficult to satisfy all of these activities in an increasingly volatile talent market by themselves – labeling many of these activities as wants not needs. This is where a quality recruitment process outsourcing partner can come to the rescue – evolving an organization's TA department into a strategic business-impacting function.

The Role Of A Recruitment Outsourcing Partner

First and foremost, an effective RPO partner should champion your brand and leverage it to drive active and passive job seekers to your organization. The best partners do just that and take talent attraction strategies to the next level on your behalf – giving your organization a leg up on hiring the best talent. The benefits of hiring top talent may seem obvious. However, the business contributions of these candidates can reach beyond what was simply listed on the roles they applied for. If the candidate has a quality experience, one can make the assumption that the employment brand is operationalized and is consistent on their first day and beyond. In turn, they will tell friends, peers, and colleagues about their experience, which, over time establishes a community of qualified and engaged referrals.

While other organizations are busy hunting through a sea of active candidates, posting and praying, hoping to fill one role, organizations who have a best-in-class RPO partner are selecting from the elite to fill critical roles, efficiently. This can be difficult to quantify if you don’t have a transparent partnership – one in which you are able to gain direct feedback from candidates and hiring managers

Benefits Beyond The Basics

With the support of a quality RPO partnership, existing TA and HR teams can re-prioritize and focus on what’s most important to their groups – allowing the room to expand into other strategic business initiatives. As efficiencies increase, the impact of a talent solutions partnership resonates throughout an organization. An effective recruitment outsourcing partner allows a company to implement true workforce planning with confidence. Additionally, there is less stress on how to find talent that supports upcoming projects, opportunity, or expansion, and more attention paid to project execution. This ensures output is at the highest levels, subsequently increasing an organization’s reputation in the market both with internal and external customers.

Engaging a talent solutions partner can be a big step for any organization. However, with the right partner, the table is set for success, growth, and achievement. If you want to make the most of 2017 and beyond, consider recruitment process outsourcing. The partnership might be one of your organization's most impactful decisions to date.

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Matthew McGregor

For over 15 years, Matt has built vision-driven partnerships that focus on achievement. He bridges his passion and enthusiasm for helping others to meet and exceed client expectations. Working in retail, technology, and human capital, he has deployed business impacting strategies to drive new product launches, market expansions, increased revenues, process efficiency, risk management, implementation/change management, and internal/external education programs.