Recruitment Process Outsourcing For Late Adopters: Embrace The Benefits

I’m often amazed and sometimes a bit perplexed when I see news stories of people camping overnight outside of Apple stores or gaming shops waiting to get the latest product. In truth, these products will still be new tomorrow, right? Does waiting to purchase or adopt these items mean it will be any less useful or interesting? Early adopters are so passionate about being the first to do or use something because they are excited to share the pros and cons with their peers. I've discovered that you can learn a lot from their experiences. Such is the case for those considering adopting recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) into their talent acquisition function.

The Late Adopter 

Throughout my life, I have always been a proud late adopter. I never wanted a dishwasher because what’s wrong with washing dishes by hand? I never wanted an iPod because I was still mourning the loss of the beauty of vinyl to the CD, and I never joined social media because I wanted to keep my personal life private.   

The common theme to all the above is that once I used a dishwasher, iPod, and social media, their appeal and benefit became instantly obvious. It was faster to get things done, the quality was better, the options more varied, and I had better access. This meant I could get more involved with more of the people I wanted to connect with whenever I wanted.


Please don’t get me wrong; I love innovation. But for me, innovation was always something I kept in the workplace. I was one of the first people in the UK to be involved in recruitment process outsourcing, and I used job boards when everyone was still placing paper ads. The great leaps and bounds which technology and social media has had in the last five years have been at the forefront of the RPO solutions we create for our clients.

If you too are a late adopter and have never embraced this recruiting model – I’m sure you have a valid reason. Maybe one of the early adopters turned you off to it, or you decided this model wasn't for you. You might still be asking yourself, 'what is RPO'? Or maybe you just don’t know how this talent acquisition solution could be right for your business because you have not yet enquired or had that discussion. 

Discover the benefits

So, what are the benefits of an RPO solution? The honest answer is that these will be different for every organisation and the structure of that partnership. What I can say with confidence is that a great RPO partner will work with you to shape a solution that fits your unique needs, including the right team and people, the right technology where appropriate, the right process design, support and growth of your employer brand, and the best talent consulting where needed. A great partner will find out how best to give you a solution that delivers speed, quality, and talent at the forefront of the partnership.

A misunderstanding for many late adopters is that it is a singular product, an enterprise-wide solution, that it's all or nothing. In today’s RPO market that could not be further from the truth. Many partnerships are focused on a business division where an internal talent acquisition team is less specialised (e.g. sales or technology). Regional support (e.g. APAC, NAM, or EMEA) can also be an option as this is complex for many organisation to scale. Or an RPO partner can provide support for a significant period of intense hiring due to a business change. Organisations engaged in an enterprise-wide RPO partnership benefit greatly from their experience in ways they anticipated and in ways they and their business leaders had not expected.

As we plan for the changes ahead in 2017, don’t worry if you are a late adopter to recruitment process outsourcing. It may not be the entire solution for your talent acquisition initiatives, but don’t dismiss the tremendous benefits it can provide. 



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Craig Sweeney

As Senior Vice President, Global Strategic Talent Solutions, Craig leads WilsonHCG's growth strategy and new partnership cultivation across the globe. Alongside the trusted consultants at WilsonHCG, he builds market-leading, scalable and customisable RPO solutions. Craig's relationships span all industry verticals and geographies with expertise in Technology, Business Services, Financial Services, Engineering, Manufacturing, Retail, and Media.