Quality Over Speed – An Important Employer Branding Lesson

Just when you think you have got everything right and are finding more success in attracting top talent over your competitors, you hit a roadblock. You may have strayed from the fundamentals that make your brand unique while on this road to success. Time for an employer branding evaluation!

Quality vs. speed

There is an organisation that comes to mind that had achieved the seemingly impossible and taken a considerable chunk of the market away from a leading competitor. This achievement was quite impressive as its competitor is one of the most loved brands across the globe. Then in spectacular fashion, they rushed out a new product and failed to keep the same strategies intact that had put them in this superior position – they chose speed over quality!

Many organisations would envy going from a mid-tier player to being an attractive alternative to the number one competitor in their space. A place where talent seeks you out because you have positioned your organisation as a place they want to be. However, as we all know, this takes time. You need to put the effort in to ensure you have the right careers site, a competent and engaging ATS which supports a great candidate experience, a fantastic recruitment team paired with an attractive brand that is feeding your talent pipelines.

Stay true to your fundamentals 

When you have spent time doing the heavy lifting and shifting to get your employer brand to where it needs to be – you have to stay true to the fundamentals that have evolved your brand to where it is currently. When you drop one of the fundamentals that got you there, it is easy for the foundation to become uneasy and for the whole brand to find itself in a downward spiral.

The same problem which challenged this particular company is often an issue faced by recruiters. How often do we hear hiring managers say they need things delivered quickly rather than focusing on quality and managing an excellent candidate slate? So when you push items through too hastily and miss the important quality checks, there can be severe repercussions. When releasing a new product or service, it is important to stay faithful to the fundamentals of your brand. In the event, you must make quality sacrifices to meet market demands or organisational objectives, remember to stay as true to your core values as possible – not doing so, could jeopardise your brand and what customers love most about your company. 

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Craig Sweeney

As Senior Vice President, Global Strategic Talent Solutions, Craig leads WilsonHCG's growth strategy and new partnership cultivation across the globe. Alongside the trusted consultants at WilsonHCG, he builds market-leading, scalable and customisable RPO solutions. Craig's relationships span all industry verticals and geographies with expertise in Technology, Business Services, Financial Services, Engineering, Manufacturing, Retail, and Media.