National Nurses week: Healthcare Recruitment

Have you ever watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy or Chicago Med? In order for the doctor (and other professionals) to be successful, they rely on the nurse to prep the patient, sterilize the operating room, assist the doctor during the procedure, and counsel and care for the patient afterward. Step away from the television and this is no different in real life, and these tasks are just barely scrapping the surface of a nurse's responsibilities. Nurses are our advocates. National Nurses Week begins May 6th and as recruiters, it is a time for us to reflect on the importance of proactive healthcare recruitment.

Passion, physical and mental strength, organization, positive personality, patience, and communication are just some the qualities you will find in a nurse. On a daily basis, they handle extremely stressful situations all while caring for multiple patients with multiple needs. At times, a nurse’s duties include holding a hand, wiping a tear, or informing a loved one of unfavorable news. Patient care is a top priority to them and they go through emotional days dealing with bad outcomes. The recognition of the mental toughness they do endure must not go unnoticed.


A nurse rarely knows how his or her day will unfold as they encounter new patients with new decisions to make and new problems to solve. There’s never a dull day, and every workday is different. Some nursing positions present more unpredictable challenges and unique experiences than others. Nurses have a variety of different career avenues they can choose from. They may decide to become a pediatric nurse, home health nurse, ICU nurse, or even a nurse case manager. Some health insurance companies even hire RNs/LPN to call members to educate them on their wellness. A school may hire a nurse to help care for students should they become ill during school hours. Nurses may also be involved in medical and nursing research and perform a wide range of non-clinical functions necessary to the delivery of health care.


Recruiting nurses has become a huge priority and struggle for many healthcare companies. There are several positions for nurses posted daily; however, there are not enough nurses to fill them. This shortage has become a reality and healthcare companies are initiating incentives like sign on bonuses, retention bonuses, continued education (CEUs), even referral programs to attract and retain. At times, some healthcare companies offer their nurses onsite massages or even breakfast to celebrate and recognize the hard work their employees deliver on a regular basis. Retaining talent (especially in nursing) is extremely critical. Top nursing professionals have a variety of positions/companies to choose from, and their skills are being fought for.

As a recruiter, I have had the pleasure of hiring nurses in different fields. I have discovered that nurses are looking for a company that appreciates and recognizes them. Trying to convince a skilled nurse of a new opportunity is hard. It goes above just the salary and benefits; they care about the environment and growth opportunities within the company too. To find this top talent, you must go into your community and generate word-of-mouth. It is important to network at colleges and speak with new graduates who are eager to learn – they are the future of medicine.

We mustn't forget to celebrate nurses every day but especially May 6th -May 12thNurses are the heart of healthcare. 

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Brittny Dick

Brittny is a Recruitment Consultant Team Lead at WilsonHCG. Prior to joining the company, she worked specifically in the healthcare field recruiting nurses and therapists for home health agencies and skilled nursing facilities across the state of Florida. With over 8 years of experience, she has recruited for several different industries including: healthcare, education, and sales. Brittny received her B.S. in Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resources from DeVry University. After graduation, she continued to achieve her Masters in Human Resources from Keller Graduate School of Management and graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors.