Insights into Global Talent Strategy Challenges & Solutions

It’s important to reflect back on your strategies that have made Q1 2017 a success, while also evaluating any areas for improvement. As you consider your successes and opportunities for growth, we are reintroducing the top three blogs from our end of 2016 series which offers key insights on how to improve and transform your talent strategy. The series of articles explores key employment trends, regional talent acquisition (TA) challenges, as well as strategic solutions on how HR leaders can meet or exceed their talent goals moving into 2017 and beyond. 

5 Global Employment Trends Impacting 2017’s People Agenda


Across the globe, 2016 had been an eventful year for the political and economic landscape. The volatility, uncertainty and complexity were unlike anything we had ever seen before. Most CEO’s grapple with complexity every day – many could argue that’s what comes with the title. However, when we look at this from a people lens, HR has a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on complexity and make a significant impact; if they are bold enough to do so!

RPO Benefits: Exceed 2017 Business Goals & Objectives


Aligning 2017 business objectives with talent strategy is imperative. For an organization to exceed business outcomes, it must ensure expertise is on hand to recruit across different business units and to fill a variety of profiles. This, however, can be a daunting task.

Organizations can invest internally to build the necessary processes, infrastructure, and expertise, or they can seek an external partner that specializes in these services and capabilities. Increasingly, forward-thinking companies are looking outside their organization to fulfill talent needs to meet – or exceed – business objectives. 

The Top Priorities for CHROS in 2017 & How to Accomplish Them


As we headed into 2017, we knew one thing for certain, change is constant and rapid! Leaders within the human capital space must brace for new challenges. All while addressing another year of tight labor markets, skills gaps, millennials who prefer project work, and the continued rise of the gig economy – just to name a few. Setting priorities that prepare your organization for the future (near or long-term) based upon these factors is more critical now than ever before.

According to the recent IQPC survey, CHROs have indicated investments in branding, employee engagement, succession planning, leadership training and development, and talent acquisition technology top their list of priorities. Accomplishing one or more of these priorities within a year can be an imposing endeavor to complete internally. Thus many organizations are reaching out to a talent solutions partner to assist.

[AT A GLANCE] Digital transformation &  the impact on talent acquisition! 

Sourcing Strategies Industry Trends


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