[INFOGRAPHIC]: Overcoming the Tech Talent Gap

The scarcity of tech talent is very real. In fact, 75 percent of hiring managers report that the time it takes to fill IT positions has increased over the past three years, with the No. 1 reason being "inability to find qualified candidates." But to only say there is a "lack" of quality tech talent would be inaccurate, as there is a confluence of factors leading to the challenges companies are facing in the arena of finding, hiring and keeping the best tech talent. 
First, according to the research, the way companies are recruiting tech talent needs to improve – whether that's the talent acquisition strategies employed or a company's quality of recruiter (in many cases it's both). Beyond that, talent management strategy is too often a detriment to keeping the best talent rather than an enhancement (for example, burnout is not a myth; it's ever-present).
How do all of these issues tie together? How are industry leaders closing the tech talent gap, and those challenged righting their ships? The following WilsonHCG infographic features extensive research and reporting around these questions, and goes "beyond the numbers" to explore additional issues most prevalent to hiring the best tech talent.
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