Employee Brand Ambassadors: Leverage Your Talent

Employment branding isn’t just a trend being discussed on Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s here to stay, and employers are increasingly taking notice of its benefits. Creating a program that stays true to your company’s core values will help you stand out among the competition, and developing content that plays up your company’s knowledge will solidify your brand. By capitalizing on the talent in your own organization and leveraging the knowledge that’s already there, your company’s brand will be catapulted to the next level.

Brand ambassadors are an innovative and efficient way to promote your company’s brand while engaging your employees and fostering loyalty. Not only is a brand ambassador program a plus for your company, but it benefits employees who are looking to beef up their resume and get involved outside of their normal responsibilities. If you’re thinking about starting your own brand ambassador program, keep these best practices in mind.

1) No budget, no problem: Creating a successful brand ambassador program doesn’t mean you need to have a big budget, or any budget at all. Utilize all social media has to offer – make connections through Twitter chats and LinkedIn discussions and create original content to publish.

2) Educate your employees: Making your employees aware of the program then asking them to apply to participate will ensure you’re recruiting the right people. These employees will typically be engaged and motivated individuals who are proud to be employed by your company and have a desire to promote it. Properly training your brand ambassadors will ensure they understand the expectations of participating in the program and that they’ll take advantage of all the tools available to get their message out.

3) Knowledge transfer: Create an open forum atmosphere among brand ambassadors and set up monthly calls to facilitate the knowledge transfer. Encourage them to ask questions and share what is and isn’t working for them. Through this collaboration, everyone will be learning, which leads to your organization growing as a whole.

4) Follow up: Monitor and track the progress your brand ambassadors make. Follow up with their new connections, and view these as a means to generate potential sales leads.

One of an organization’s greatest assets is its employees, and learning how to leverage their talent will strengthen your employment brand. When creating a brand ambassador program, start from within and build up your employees’ participation. You’ll be impressed by the interest to get involved, and the loyalty and excitement it creates. It’ll make employees feel like they’re an important element to moving the company forward.

Written by: Jessica Pett
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