EBMASTERS 2016 Recap: Employer Branding and Recruiting Trends

Towards the end of October, myself and a colleague attended the EBMASTERS event in Krakow, a quarterly event with a focus on networking with fellow employer branding professionals. It was a great opportunity for us to understand more on the latest employment branding and recruiting trends.

Anna Rosolowska from Grupa Perfeccto, kicked off the meeting with the latest and most interesting news in the employer branding world. The focus was on understanding the perspectives of younger generations when they’re looking for a new job and what can be done from an employer branding perspective to attract them. A few key takeaways were around embracing new technology and the world of social media. Despite being commonly referenced, it’s easy for a company to forget the importance of a user-friendly website that actively demonstrates the company's DNA and culture. This led to further discussions revolving around the importance of company culture, company values, and how strongly millennials and GenX identify with these. It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss best practices and trade ideas with like-minded professionals.

Marcin Gielzak from Sharehire then focused on what makes a good employee referral program. Given that the success of this is a key objective for so many companies, it was great to get this insight. Some of the key takeaways were around how to encourage and motivate employees to share candidate referrals. Given the current talent landscape and workforce shifts, employee referrals are crucial to any company’s success. Marcin highlighted the importance of user-friendly referral programs, the incentive of extra benefits, and the need to lessen the administrative burden.

The final talk was Joanna Wolczanska and Joanna Bucior from Kontakt.io. They focused on how to increase candidate and employee engagement within talent pools and communities. It’s one thing to have a strong employee brand with lots of referrals, but a different strategy to get people actively engaging with it through digital and social channels. For many, this could be seen as the key pre-requisite for success in employer branding. They referenced their employment branding campaign, #EXTRAORDINARY as an example of a successful way to attract and retain top talent.  One of the key reasons for this was the focus they had initially placed on the company values, not just what they said they did, but what the employees themselves were passionate about. It was fascinating to hear what they considered to be their key ingredients to successful engagement. 

All in all, it was a very rewarding and beneficial event to attend. Topics included key themes around employer branding, engaging millennials, employee referral programs, and external brand engagement. As we continue to grow in Krakow — these themes will continue to be critical to our success.

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Anna Stewart

Anna Stewart is the Centre Manager for the Kraków office at WilsonHCG. She has a extensive experience in recruitment having worked with a number of global companies mainly from the RPO sector. Anna is responsible for overseeing the operations in Krakow as well as implementing our global strategies that enable the company to grow and develop.