Monthly Archives: October 2012

Tech and the TA Professional– The Tip of the Iceberg

Gone are the days where employee files are jam-packed with paperwork and stuffed in endless rows of filing cabinets; say goodbye to walk-in applications. These situations are a thing of the past now that technology has come into the Human Resources world. Thankfully, these times are now filled with options to make the life of an HR professional much more efficient. Technology makes an impact in HR and Recruitment from all angles of the industry.

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Hurry… these Boomers are leaving

We are standing in an extremely unique triangle of three generations converging into the workplace simultaneously. The ingenuity of the technically savvy Millennials, the hardworking steadfast Generation X, and knowledgeable stability of the Baby Boomers.   A big question in the HR profession today is “how do we leverage the knowledge of the boomers, as they transition out of our organization, to help develop future leaders?”

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