Monthly Archives: December 2010

Holiday Hiring

As we get older and the Holidays become more closely correlated with stress, money, and travel plans, it is nice to think about what the holiday season should truly be about: shiny new toys. While that ten-speed bike and Barbie Dream Home lose their appeal as we mature, one’s career grows in importance. Why not think of that next great position as a shiny new toy to be dreamt of, sought after, and finally achieved?

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Today’s Evolving Workforce-Are We Ready?

We are currently in the heart of the Holiday Season and soon the festivities, office parties, anxiety and travel will take over and our mindsets will reflect on 2010 and prepare for 2011.  We will decide our New Year’s resolutions; with the hope of becoming better individuals, and will forecast our talent strategies, to strengthen our organizations.  In our efforts, and as another year awaits us, it is critical to evaluate the way we are evolving and adapting to a changing workforce.  Just as another year is approaching, there is a constant continuum of progressive technology, international expansion, rich culture and numerous factors that are redefining the workforce—is 2011 ready?

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